I write about what you---
women, wives and moms---
about your family, faith and future.
I write about what's hard, what helps and what heals.
I show you how it's done. And not done.
I hold your hand as you find what matters to the Savior.
And let go of those things that mattered to you, but not to Him.
I write about what Him.
               Sonya Contreras

2023 Articles
The Year of the Sighs, 2023
Luke's Findings
When God Speaks
A Russian Christmas Story
Be Grateful
Be Thankful
Holiday Helps
Fall Colors
Are You Tired of the Same Old Thing? (reprint)
Laughter—Why Laugh?
Are You Disturbed? (reprint)
Unity of the Brothers
Encouragements To Declutter
Do You Have Too Much Stuff?
Too Much Stress?
Getting Past the Noise—The Value of Silence
The Sacrifice of Obedience
Are You Scatterbrained?
Why Boys Fight? And Is that Good?
How Good Are You?
Catering to the Child
Who's Responsible for the Children?
Is Your Family Different?
Created for Him reprint
Gender Differences Backed by Science
What Should a Man Do? reprint
Where Are the Men? reprint
What Is Man? reprint
Man VS Woman: Making Men Act Like Women
Man Vs Woman: Is It Equality We Seek? (reprint)
Looking for Something Good To Read?
A Cup of Cold Water
Encouragement—What Is It?
Being in God's Presence
"Einstein and the Professor"
When God Is Silent
The Battle for Our Children
What God Lost, part 2
How Much Does It Cost for Moms To Stay at Home?
How Much Does It Cost for Moms to Work?
Do You Like Your Husband?
Is Your Husband a Pushover?
Did You Marry a Crazy Man?
Is Your Husband Crushing You?
Do You Crave Beauty?
Catch up on Recipes
Using Stories to Discipline
Reading: It's for Your Children (reprint)
What Kind of Library Are You Building? (reprint)
Why Read Fiction?
The Danger of the Wrong Story
Using Stories To Teach Lessons

2022 Articles
Need Cookies Fast?
God is in charge of the Future
What God Lost
Dec 2022 Life's Little Pleasures
November Dare Joy Challenge
Developing a Grateful Heart
Looking for Jesus
What Do Your Prayers Reflect?
Feeling Disorganized?
LIfe's Little Pleasures
Daniel—Greatly Loved by God
Dear Master of Hands
Cutting Costs with DIY Cleaners
Homeschooling Myths Debunked
    (Reprint from Jan 2019)
Take Every Thought
Jars of Clay


What Do Your Words Reveal about Your Heart?
The Value of Remembering
    (Reprint from Dec 2017)
How Do You Get Strong Faith?
Too Busy for God's Word?
Close to Home
How Do You Think Like Jesus?
Reflections from a Mom
What's in It for Me?
Pain—What's It Good For?
Another Wedding
Why Marry?
Helps—An App Worth Having
Consider the Robin
Memorial Day—A Day to Remember
Ramblings of a Gardener
One Life Who Made a Difference
What Day Are You Living In?
Interrupted by God
Other Easter Stories
Finding Peace
The Power of the Resurrection

Passover Symbols Explained
Is Jesus Really the Answer to Everything?
Are You Beat Up?
What's Your Hurry?
Are You a Manipulator?
Are You Salty?
Elderberries to the Rescue
Are You Condemned?
What to Eat When It's Cold? Soups
Just the Mother-In-Law
Trying to Understand?
Do You Expect Answers to Your Prayers?
Do You Eat Your Stress?

Need Focus?

2020 Articles
What's Your Five-Year Plan?
The Danger of "Aloneness"
The Coming One
My Colors
Christmas stories
Are You a Whiner?
Are Your Works Approved?
Reading Chair Worth Using
     More Breads to Make
God Is in the Details
What Moving Has Taught Me Part Two
Letting Go of My Fourth Son
Marriage Is a Covenant before God
Do You Think You're Stressed?
What Moving Has Taught Me Part One
Making a House a Home
How Do I Pray?
Picking up Acorns
Is Your Soul Feeling Ragged?
Changed by God
God Speaks to the Heart of the King
Do You See the Project or the People?
Last Times
What about the Details?
Have You Felt the Long-Suffering of God?
Elderberries to the Rescue
How Much Does It Cost for Moms to Stay at Home?
How Much Does It Cost for Moms To Work?
How Does God Lead You?
Do You Have Enough?
Prayer for our Families (no article)
What Have We Done Wrong?
Don't Carry More than You Need
Cast the Seed
Are You the Child or the Parent?
Mother's Day Sermon
God Is Faithful
Are You Deceived?
Are You Essential?
Party Time Recipes
Are You a Failure?
Forgiveness Made Possible
Are You Safe?
What To Do Now?
Are You Tired of the Same Old Thing?
Church Time and Quiet Time
Does the World Make Sense?
Are You a Helicopter Parent?
Controlling the Angry Child
What's in a Book, Anyway?
Have You Seen God's Majesty?
Do You Feel Judged?
If You Only Had One More Day To Live
Are You Understood?
Stuff that Helps
Do You Long for the Word of God?
What's a Mother-In-Law To Do?
Are You Precious?

2018 Articles

When Heaven Came Down
Stories for the Season
Danger 2018
Tips for the Holidays
Tips To Save Time Making Meals
Tips To Make Food Stretch
Be Faithful through Suffering
Do You Know the Word?
Wake Up! Strengthen What Remains
Are You Spit in God's Mouth?
Is Jezebel in Your Midst?
Do You Stand against Satan Himself?
Are You Tired of Being a Mom?
What in the World Is Happening?
To Live Forever
A Day in a Mom's Life
It's Not My Story
How Would Your Faith Compare?
Are You sinking?

Preparing My Sons for Marriage
Useful for Him
Are You a Rule Follower?
What Talents Are You Wasting As a Mom?
Living by Faith or Feelings
Can You Say, "No"?
Wings To Soar
Are You Losing Your Mind?

Expect Great Things from God

What Have I Learned as a Mom?
What's in It for Me?
Adoption—The Heart of God
Something To Hang Onto


The Making of a Man part 4
The Making of a Man part 3
Breakfast Recipes for a Crowd
The Making of a Man part 2
The Making of a Man
What Do You Value? Time Will Tell

What Do You Value? Your Money Tells
Worth Reading
Home Furnishings by Guest Speaker
The Home Library: A Source of Peace, Calm, and Security

What Love Is This?
The Snells--A Testimony of our God Who Cares
My Utmost for His Highest
Putting Your Words to Music

Do You Eat Your Words?
Living Better: Update
What Kind of a Crown Are You?
Expecting Jesus
Do You Believe?
The Whys of Life
Trust and Obey
Trust Me
Are Your Children Safe from Bullying?
Are Your Children Safe from Child-napping and Sexual Abuse?
Are Your Children Safe?

2017 Articles 

The Value of Remembering
When Hope Was Lost
What Is Trust?
Living Better
Are You Threatened?
Do You Like Your Husband?
Is Your Husband a Pushover?
Did You Marry a Crazy Man?
Is Your Husband Crushing You?
Are You Dependent?
Fall Colors
Marjorie Rutherford: A Testimony to God's Faithfulness
Marjorie Conrad: A Testimony to God's Trustworthiness
If You Could Live Forever
Male vs Female: Is It Equality We Seek?
The Dreaded Family Picture
Yosemite: A Visit to His Splendor
Let's Talk about Laundry
Are You Having Fun Yet?
Are You Controlled by Technology?
Are You Anxious, Fearful, Angry, Bitter...? 
Starting School Again
I Am with You
Camping with Children
Camping List
Camping Recipes
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
Are You a Nag?
How's Your Reputation?
Preparing for Sunday Worship
Do You Have a Picky Eater?
A Way to a Man's Heart Is through His Stomach 
Are You Challenged by Your Man's Challenges?
Happily Ever After
A Life Knowing God
Making Mustards
Do You Have Willpower? 
Are You Appreciated?
What Is in Your Hand?
Made To Work
Holding Onto Truth
Letting Go of the Little Boy
No Fear
Do You Cling to Jesus?
Where's Your Harvest?
Are You Patient?
Teen Trials
Preteen Troubles
How Do You Love Your Children?
Do You Feel Loved?
Valentine's Day: Help Your Husband Out
Valentine's Day: A Day to Love?
Premises for Child Training
Raising the Impossible Child
My Space, My Time, My Needs
A Place To Call Your Own: Instilling Ownership in Your Child
What's Your Passion?

2016 Articles
The Battle in the Heavens over the Redemption of God's Creation
Expecting Jesus
Who Has Control?
Our Story of His Lessons
Joy to the World
Stories Behind the Songs Part One
First Thanksgiving Day Proclamation
Family Recipes Index
Veteran's Day--A Day To Honor Our Men
Breast Milk Made Especially for Your Child
Dependence or Independence? Dealing with the Cries of Your Baby
What is Essential for Babies?
Traveling with Children in the Airplane
Traveling with Children in the Car
What Has Changed?
Who Controls the Money?
Is Someone's Attitude Stealing Your Joy?
Saving Time with School
Margaret Thatcher, She Changed the World, But What about Her Family?
How Much Does It Cost for Moms to Stay at Home?
How Much Does It Cost for Moms to Work?
How Do You Prepare for Worship?
Are You God's?
I Have Called You by Name Chapter One
Freedom To Choose and 
What to do with Zuccinni
Treasure To Explore
Reading--It's for Your Children
Shopping to Save Time and Money
Why De-clutter?
Hurting People
Memorial Day---A Day to Remember
Why Care?
He Opened Their Minds To Understand
What's a Mom?
Do the Scriptures Burn You?
Being in His Presence
Are You Listening?
I Am Marinus, the Centurian
I Am Simon, the Leper
I Am Judas
I Am Elizabeth
Snacks and Appetizers
What Kind of Library Are You Building? 
Are You Stressed? 
Party Time
I Am Micaiah's Wife
Made To Conquer
Do You Help Your Husband?
Created for Him
What Your Reactions Say About You

Just the Facts,  Ma'am
Time-Out or Restoration
Faith Like a Child

A Life Not Wasted

2015 Articles
I am James, Brother of Jesus
I am Salazar, Chief Magi of the Persian Empire
I Am Herod the Great
I Am Simeon
What Is Your Story?
Twelve Steps To Take the Hectic Out of the Holidays
The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
The Power of a Smile
Gifts to Make

Look What I Can Do
Cookies Recipes
Speaking to Him

What Does Prayer Do
Remember the Sabbath Day, To Keep It Holy
Are You Sitting on the Fence?
Are You Weary?
Wrong Beliefs, Wrong Policy, Wrong Outcome
Are You in a Rut?
What Do You Treasure?
The Bible with a Heart
Are You on Firm Ground?Being in the World, But Not of It: How Do You Do It?
Being in the World, But Not of It: Abraham’s Story
Being in the World, But Not of It: Lot’s Story
Fairness and Equality
Too Much To Handle
Father’s Away on a Mission, Part three
What Is an American Soldier?
Father’s Away on a Mission, Part two
Father’s Away on a Mission, Part one              
What Baseball Teaches Kids About Life
How Can You Help
Calling All Reviewers
How Do You Respond to Stupid People?
Training for Truth
Lies We Believe, Part 2
Lies We Believe, Part 1
Believing a Lie
It’s the Little Things That Matter                      
Legacy Remembered
The Power of Christ’s Resurrection
Passover: The Lamb of God
The Passover Symbols Remembered
Passover: The Story Retold
Passover Remembered
Where’s the Box?
Sleep, It’s For Your Brain
What’s the Value of a Dollar? Part two
Time Management with Children?
What’s the Value of a Dollar? Part one
What Do Your Clothes Say About You?
Tips for Clutter Management
Tips to Save Time in Making Meals
Tips to Make Food Stretch