If You Could Live Forever

I’d like to tell you a fairy-tale that only seems like a fairy-tale because of its ending. But the story is true. The ending will change what you think about life.

A man was called by God to find hidden truth and bring it to light. He pursued this passion, instilled by his Creator, to find answers tucked in the Bible’s details, given meaning by his research.
When his answers led to unforeseen problems, he persevered.
When his solutions brought only more questions, he persisted.
When those questions brought answers unacceptable to his scientific colleagues, both in the Christian and the scientific world, he left his peers and pursued the truth he had found.
When his research brought poverty to his family, he accepted it.
Though contracting a rare disease, disabling him from buttoning his own shirt, or even feeding himself, he continued his research, driven with more intensity to find the answers.
One financial partner became a thorn in his side, claiming things that weren’t his. Research was delayed while he worked toward reconciliation. His partner’s deceit and manipulation destroyed any compromise. He broke the partnership, but his thorn dug deeper and continued to bring problems.
After over thirty years of research, he has found the answer. His answers are logical, yet unbelievable; simple, yet before his research, unattainable; obvious, now that the answers are found, yet hidden to those who ignored the truth; the results are far-reaching, changing the world we know today.
It’s a fairy-tale story, not because of his life, although his testimony confirms God’s faithfulness to reveal truth to one who pursues it, but because of the results he’s found.
He clarifies the truth of the Bible when science, even Christian scientists, couldn’t explain or accept the difficult evidence of Noah’s Flood.
He explains how The Exodus Really Happened  with over a million-people leaving Egypt to move to a land God had promised. It couldn’t be found in archaeology, until he looked in the right time.
His answers show the truth of God’s Word. He demonstrated again and again how science and the Bible unite to form an unbreakable testimony of God’s faithfulness, and truth in His creation.
But those are only side avenues discovered as he pursued the main, consuming question that drove him.
He read of the life spans of the Old Testament patriarchs, living hundreds of years. He wondered why and how.
Not just to authenticate the Old Testament records, though he believed it. But he also believed the prophecy of Isaiah, “Never again will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not live out his years. He who dies at a hundred will be thought a mere youth; he who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.(Isaiah 65:20)

That meant we would again live that long. Not just a few years over one hundred, but hundreds of years. Age was just a disease. That once cured would eliminate all the old-age symptoms. Life would return to what God had created at the beginning of time.

His research has found the answer to aging. Read the details here Aging: Cause and Cure. Not where all the other scientists looked for it, for they didn’t account for the Biblical data. But because he has used the Bible, he has found renewed life again. He no longer must depend upon someone else to button his shirts, or feed him, nor must he undergo extensive drug treatments to allow sustainable life. He is walking and riding his bike again. He is finding his youth again.
Who was this man who persevered? Gerald E. Aardsma, Ph.D.
He doesn’t understand all that will change.
But he knows his Creator Who does. And trusts what His hand brings.
He’s excited to see what God has next for him.

Just like in a fairy-tale, this is a happily ever after to all those who accept the truth.

Even after following his research for thirty years, I was skeptical. Why did I want to live longer? I wasn’t excited to live longer with my increasing aches and pain, and struggle for day-to-day living. But when his wife described a “feeling of wholeness” that comes with the outward signs of youth, and sleeping through the night, then “feeling rested” in spirit and in body, I was interested. Youth does have that perspective of living life to its fullness, without fear, with great hope and confidence. The attitude she described reminded me of anti-depression medicine without the ill effects or surrealness. I look forward to the aging symptoms leaving my body, not just to look younger, but to feel younger.

Dr. Aardsma currently struggles with government bureaucracy as he seeks to obtain permission to sell the “supplement.” Because he feels morally responsible to make it available to aging, dying people, it’s available here for donation and return postage address label, instructions included.

I know this won't allow me to live forever, but hundreds of years like the Bible times is a bit more than I will take what I'm given.

I was first introduced to Dr. Gerald E. Aardsma thirty years ago when researching for my masters at Institute for Creation Research. Although my emphasis was biology, I helped him with his biblical chronology research. I tried to attain his passion for research, but counting dead fruit flies and cleaning blue fly food didn’t excite me.

Although my master’s thesis on aging never answered any questions, it showed me the complexity of the problem and how far man was from finding the answer.

Dr. Aardsma, as my academic mentor, showed me the passion of pursuing truth for the answer. His desire to follow God wherever that led him, continued to inspire, encourage and convict me to follow his footsteps where God placed me.

When I stopped counting dead fruit flies and focused on raising my family, Helen, his wife became my mentor for family life. Her mentorship, unlike his, excited me, because that was where my heart beat: with our growing family.

Thirty years have come and gone. The complexity of life continues to amaze me. The Bible’s principles remain true, whether in family life or science. Dr. Aardsma’s pursuit to answer those same questions, not ignoring those bits of truth that cause problems until they are put in the right, adjusted, Biblical framework have brought answers. He found what could keep us alive.

I was skeptical. Why did I want to live longer? I wasn’t excited to live longer with my increasing aches and pains, and struggles for day-to-day living. But when his wife described a “feeling of wholeness” that comes with the outward signs of youth, and sleeping through the night, “feeling rested” in spirit, mind and body, I was interested. Youth does have that perspective of living life to its fullness, without fear, with great hope and confidence. The attitude she described reminded me of anti-depression medicine without the ill effects or surrealness. I look forward to the aging symptoms leaving my body, not just to look younger, but to feel younger.

I owe a lot to both my mentors. Helen helped me survive the motherhood of eight boys. I asked questions. She gave insight.

I can’t even imagine how much Dr. Aardsma, my other mentor, will change my life. Living for hundreds of years seem beyond comprehension. But I do know, he’s pointed me to believe the Bible in every detail and know the God Who wrote it.


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An amazingly awesome read though it takes me a bit of time these days to start to read. Thank you!

very interesting. I need to read this more than once to obtain all the information contained in this writing.

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