Slow Down and Smell the Dead Leaves

We've talked about the "simple life" and minimizing so we can focus. Fall is a good time to do that. Enjoy the moment, though roses are not available, dead leaves are. Smell them. They do bring the scent of fall. The changing of the time and seasons, the coming of winter, all bring a feeling in the air that can be missed if we rush to our cars and hurry into buildings without looking around. Fall makes me think of sweaters, more tea, good books, finished harvest. The garden is put to rest. Wood is cut. The pause before the coming storms of winter. It causes me to slow down. It helps me be pause and be thankful.

I can reflect on the year and what was given. I can breathe and eat this year, whereas last year at this time, I would sit awake during the night to catch my breath. I've gained another treasured daughter-in-law, and two grand babies came into the world perfect in every way, and another is being formed carefully by God's own Hand. The boys are mostly men and they do make me proud to be their mom. Thankful. That's what I should be. Taking a moment, I can remind myself of these and many more blessings.

These pictures are taken from my Pinterest board: Fall Colors

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I do best slowing down to enjoy the little things when I'm with the grandchildren. Seems like when we're raising our children there isn't time for that, so I really delight in just enjoying the kids, being into whatever they're into. Life is good when it's slower.

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