Worth Reading.

Going to the library the past few years has been a source of frustration. Not only for my own reading, but for finding read-aloud books for the boys. Many of the good-old books have been replaced with modern, magical, even scary books full of witchcraft and violence. I sigh and read again what we have on our shelves at home---good books, and worth re-reading, but not over and over in a few months’ time.

What have we found recently that stirs the heart, shores the courage and develops the character?

Someone from church introduced us to the Apprentice Series. An orphan is brought into the king’s service and is selected to be a ranger for the king. The series takes him through his training and adventures intertwining with the other orphans in their respective tasks.

The author originally wrote them for his own boy. (A boy's dream on paper!)

The boys can’t get enough of the books. Although written for children, I am tempted to read ahead when I must stop for their bedtime.

I was disappointed when the series, toward the end, started incorporating girls as rangers.
The boys also roll their eyes at the many inferences of their horses so wonderfully trained to border perfection.
But other than those minor adjustments, we loved the series.

The character development is excellent.

Some language may cause some offense. But as read-out-loud books, I omit at my discretion.
They refer to their pagan gods in oaths. (Obviously not a Christian book, but of high-moral quality.)
Yes, they battle, not of their own choosing, but in service to the king and for their own protection.
Although the titles appear "scary," and the books are intense, they are not scary for my youngest's over-active imagination.

Worth the read (and re-read)---and the series has twelve books, none of it repetitive.

You can even parallel geography and history with some of the “fictitious” lands.

Following that series, the author has written the Brotherband Series. (Background books to some of the characters brought into the Ranger Series.)

The vocabulary is challenging. But the adventure motivates my boys to persevere.

Worth the read.

See this page for other recommendations for reading for children, no way complete.

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