Dear Master of Hands,
Found this while decluttering. I wrote it after one of the boys' birth.
Thought you might be helped by the reminder.

May I treasure 
   The interruptions
      Of my tasks
   To tie a shoe,
   To read a book,
   To hold a hand.
May I thank You
   For the little hands,
      Sticky from eating,
      Dirty from playing,
      Full of treasures
   For me to share.
May I focus
   My heart,
      As well as,
   My hands
      On Your priorities,
      On Your cares.
May I see
   Through Your eyes
      The potential
         Of each child.
May I hold their hand,
    Just as You do mine—
      Allowing a stumble
      But helping them up.
May I just hold them close,
   When words aren’t needed,
   When hands aren’t enough,
   When Your Presence 
      Is what takes us both through. 

Dear Master of hands,
These little hands
   That You’ve entrusted to me—
May I remember that my hands
   Aren’t big enough
      To protect,
      To guide,
      To keep them
         From all harm.
But may I always show them
   Your Hands that are.

             March, 1999.    

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That is wonderful, thanks for sharing. I want to share that with Jeremy and Karin as they wait for their first baby, it's so inspiring.

Praying for you and your family, God bless, Anne

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