The Publishing Process 

I'm currently working to bring my book to completion.

MARKETING: One major step toward publishing any book is creating a following so publishers will consider the book capable of earning money for them (they are a business). The marketing of the book lies more in the hands of the author than the publisher---and thus my need to generate a ‘following.’  So this process has delayed publishing. 

Becoming technically savvy is mandatory to achieve this marketing status. The learning curve for me has been exponential. Learning about SEO, twitter, and designing a website have stretched me to learn and grow.  

PUBLISHING: Another aspect is finding a publisher willing to publish the book. Authors don’t submit their works to publishers. They submit their manuscript to agents. If the agent deems the manuscript a good match for a publisher, they will work with the author. The number of authors seeking publication is staggering. Everyone has a story to tell. How does anyone gets published? 

Some authors have resolved that second issue by self-publishing. All decisions rest on them to edit and market their work.

EDITING: The third step to publishing is editing. Writing the book was the easy thing---done quickly under the passion of the subject. Now comes the time-consuming, laborious editing. This includes more than spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.  I must write concisely, bring my characters to life, speak in one point of view per scene, make the action flow, and the list continues. Editing once through the book only touched the surface. Twice editing caught more. One author said that she edited ten times before submitting to an editor for help. Another author had the whole thing memorized. Editing is the author’s worst feat. I must find the balance between finding perfection and reaching presentable. Perfect is in heaven. Presentable allows God to say “well done.” 

Part of this editing process is learning technology. I left the work force using a word processor and typewriter. Now I must learn how to remove a page break, format my text for e-books and send it as a certain file. I don’t learn as quickly as I would like. 

COVER DESIGN: Although it seems a small part, if the cover doesn't fit, the book won't be bought. Most recommend a professional. I would agree. 

All that to say, please be patient with me. I am not finished with my book yet.

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